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Shower panels

The world and trends of home decor and interior design is continually evolving with modern, easy-to-use, and more aesthetic options. The days of just installing subway tile and be content with it are gone. Even though subway tile is an evergreen tile finish for kitchen and walls shower, but the filling of grout, simple colors, and plain finish is not enough anymore. The newest trend in modern shower panel and bathroom design involves installing shower wall panels over subway tile and wall showers. They are also called shower wall panels, wet wall panel, shower boards or more simply, bathroom wall panels. They are a wall covering having a tough and waterproof finish surface with multiple shower heads and body sprayers built onto it or spreading from its top or sides.

Either you are doing a bathroom renovation, or building a home, a shower wall panel in your shower space will surely help you get your dream bathroom.

Why Shower Panels?

Installing shower wall panels in the shower corner of your bathroom is a great option for a variety of reasons. They are cost-effective, hygienic, and unlike tile, they are free of the grout. They also give your showers a more modern and stylish appearance. The shower wall kit are easy to install, easy to clean, and requires minimal maintenance.

Our extensive range of beautiful wall panels come in various designs, making it easier for you to choose according to your shower walls, other bathroom installations like sinks, and bathroom finish. We offer single as well as multiple Luxury Shower Panel Wall Kits. With our options of different size, colors, materials, design, finish, and various surface coating, You will easily find a bathroom panel shower, that suits your shower enclosure. So, either you have a bathroom with subway tile, an alcove shower, or any other wall shower in any finish or colors, a shower wall panel goes with everything.

With a panel on your shower walls, every time you walk in shower, your bathing experience will become a high-end spa treatment.

Best Shower Panels

Shower wall panels come in all shapes, colors, size, and finish. The right bathroom shower panels for your bathroom depend on your water system, the size of the bathroom and the colors of choice. Yet, it should have certain features, such as:

  • It should have different jets and showerheads working independently.
  • It should have a display to control and manage the temperature.
  • It should be built with a solid surface and high-quality materials that are durable and rust-free, like stainless steel
  • It should be easy to install with complete installation guide and information.
  • Its installation type should be preferably easy to understand with accessible tools so that it can be installed in your shower space without having to call a plumber in your home.
  • The panels and showerheads and all other included items and products should have a waterproof solid surface and a polished finish.

Shower Panel vs. tile

Nobody likes a text book plain-looking subway tile bathroom with dull colors anymore. Thus, shower wall panels are a much better alternative to tiles. They are more budget-friendly yet far more stylish and modern as compared to the conventional ceramic tiles. Without any messy grout filling and easy installation, these panels can be fitted up to six times faster than tiles. Moreover, if the existing tile wall is levelled, they can be fitted right on the top. Shower wall panels are much more easy to clean as they are grout-free with a solid and finish surface. They have become one of the most well-liked bath shower products all over the united states, and are now preferred over tile walls shower.

Having a wall with tile may be conventional and more convenient for some people, but the grout filling is its biggest drawback. Due to this grout, tile installation is much more time-consuming and messy. Moreover, the gaps filled with grout makes a tile wall very difficult to clean and maintain.

Shower Surround

Using the perfect material for your shower walls or shower surround is very critical as it decides the whole look of your shower and bathroom. Installing the appropriate and best products in your shower, including the wall panel, the shower walls surrounds, the back wall, the side panels, bathtub walls, tile, or even the shower wall decor holds immense significance in the overall look of your bath.

There are several types of shower wall material and bathtub walls available for your wall surround. You can choose according to your wall set, bathroom design and look, required installation type, colors of the walls of your bath corner, maintenance, and cost.

Some of the most popular surface for walls surrounds shower are acrylic and fibreglass, ceramic and porcelain tile, glass tile, and stone tile. All these style for shower walls come in various design, style, colors, and look. Each of them gives your bath and showers a different appearance. According to our research, the best among all these materials for shower walls is glass tile. It is because they are easy to clean and goes really well with the shower walls panels.

So, if you are tired of your plain subway tile look, and want to transform the look of your showers and bath to make your home a smart home, then explore our website and place your orders. We offer various and beautiful design and style for your kitchen, bath, and shower. From panels to shower doors, walls back panel to shower pan, we have it all! We also offer storage tools, sinks, and other accessories for your kitchen, showers, and bath.

Contact us right now to place your orders or for any information. If you are in usa, you can also visit our showroom. Our team of representatives will be available to guide you in selecting your products from our website and also assist you with information regarding any other related searches or required tools for the installation. So, either you want to revamp your kitchen with installing our stylish sinks, re-design your shower with our grout-free panels, or enhance your storage system with our organising products, visit our products corner and get all the information.