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Importance of Bathroom Sinks:

The wide variety of bathroom sinks and bathroom vanities available at ANZZI helps you design a bathroom of your preference. Whether you are doing a complete remodel of your sinks, swapping them for your bathroom, or looking for amazing bathroom vanities, we have got you covered. The quality of a bathroom sink is crucial for the longevity and health of your bathroom. White bathroom sinks should be high-quality as they improve the bathroom design and are an integral piece of it. Choosing a modern glass bathroom sink is also highly rewarding. ANZZI provides world-class craftsmanship in all its products, including bathroom vanities, and offers high-quality products for all your bathroom needs with lifelong durability. All the products come in different styles, shapes, and sizes. Our bathroom sinks are crafted with high-quality materials and designed with excellence. Crystal, glass, stone, ceramics, and wood are used to be long-lasting and durable in all the sinks. ANZZI offers your ideal small half bath sinks, top mount bath sinks, and even discount stone bathroom sinks. Shop the latest trends and add elegance to your bathroom and bathroom vanities.

What is the sink in the bathroom called?

A bathroom sink is called with various names, including a washbasin, hand basin, washbowl, sinks, dish washing, washing hands, and stroke line join sink. Sinks have faucets in them that supply cold and hot water. A bathroom sink with overflow is when there is a small hole at the bathroom sink’s backside. It diverts the water back in the drainpipe, and the bathroom sink with overflow lets the drain works more effectively. On the other hand, a bathroom vanity is also available along with the bathroom sink to provide an area for cleaning products and tissue rolls for the bathroom—all the items added in the home improvement for bathroom design and bathroom sinks. Shop the new and elegant bathroom sinks to add a style statement in your bathroom and bathroom vanities.

The best bathroom sinks:

Various sinks are available with us, which are a perfect fit for your home and bathroom. Some of our top sinks are mentioned below:


Undermuont Sink

Undermount bathroom sink is a popular choice because it helps to hide the plumbing. It is an exquisite piece crafted with the finest quality Vitreous China which results in delicate features and has a smooth polished base that is a perfect fit for your bathroom. It is the latest trend of modern bathroom sinks and is eye-catching. Undermount bathroom sinks are installed under the counter. Both double-bowl and single-bowl sinks are available for the bathroom. Undermount bathroom sinks are made of various materials such as cast iron and stainless steel. This bathroom sink comes with an overflow port, which helps in preventing flooding your counter. As this bathroom sink does not have an available rim, the faucet is drilled on the countertop. As it is made of vitreous china, it is easy to clean. The accessories and faucet are installed directly on the countertop of your bathroom sinks. You can shop the new arrivals from the website with excellent prices on the sale and check out the wide range of available bathroom vanities.

  • Deco-glass Vessel bathroom sink

The Deco-glass vessel bathroom sinks are designed with a lustrous clear finish. These bathroom vessel sinks are easy to clean and have low maintenance due to their sinks. Vessel Bathroom sink such as these have a single drain hole, the risk of leakage is less. This bathroom sink installation type is a top mount. The bathroom faucet is installed in the wall above the sink, which reduces staining, prevents water damage, and enhances bathroom hygiene. It has rectangular, square, and round models white or black, and a solid surface perfect for your bathroom. It is a high tempered deco-glass bathroom sink. Shop this unique and modern sink from the website and add elegance to your bathroom. Check out the sale, so you don’t miss out.

  • Drop-in Bathroom sink

These drop-in bathroom sinks are Vitreous China Bath sink and have a polished basin with outstanding features using high-end ceramics. The drop-in bathroom sink has three 35 mm faucet holes. The installation type is cheaper than an under mount bathroom sink. This drop in the bathroom sink is one of the latest trends that satisfies all the client’s requirements. These drop-in sinks rest on the countertop. Drop-in sinks can be easily adjusted in the space of the countertop. The clamps that are located underneath make the sink secure. These drop-in sinks are available in different materials such as stainless steel, granite, and porcelain. Such bathroom sinks have a hole that accommodates the faucet, and this rectangular bathroom sink has a stroke width of 19-24 inches. Many new arrivals can be seen to pick your favorite bathroom sink and bathroom vanities, especially when there is a sale going on.

  •  Glass Vessel Sink

Glass bathroom vessel sinks with faucets are the perfect example that bath sinks are not always dull. These glass bathroom sinks are traditionally crafted in round shape, very stylish, go perfectly with the bathroom decor, and add decorative aesthetics. Suppose you are renovating your home bathroom; it’s a perfect fit. The installation type is Top Mount and has a lifetime warranty. Extra counter space is gained with the vessel sink. Other new arrivals include pedestal sinks with tempered glass and stainless-steel sinks. This round vessel sink enables the hot temperature to come in contact with you.

Moreover, this glass vessel sink is a hygienic, resilient, and safer bathroom sink. Such vessel sink also coordinates with wall-mounted faucet. If you purchase this vessel sink, Satisfaction is guaranteed, and you can even purchase it at a lower price when the sale is on. The best part is that bathroom vanities are also available to add that extra touch to your bathroom.

  • Wall Mount Sinks

Wall-mount sinks are those bathroom sinks that are made with premium materials. Wall-mount sinks are unique and trendy for bathroom design and sinks. The bathroom installation type is wall mounted. The open space that’s underneath the wall-mounted sinks usually provides easy wheelchair access. As it does not require a bathroom vanity, a larger space is attached to these wall-mounted sinks. Bathroom sinks like these are flexible as you can design your storage due to the current wall mount sink. Wall-mounted bath sinks can also be used as a guest bath. Check out the website to shop various sink and bathroom vanities, and for the various offers and sales that are up, it’s easier for you to choose, especially if you are on a budget.

  • Console sink

Console sinks have some similar characteristics to wall mount and pedestal sinks. Console sinks are either wall-mounted or are freestanding. Two or four legs support these bathroom sinks. The console sink has a stylish appearance, and a drawer, towel bar, or shelf can be attached. Heating cooling is essential to control the environment; thus, it is essential to determine that the installed bathroom fixtures are the perfect fit for your bathroom sinks. Console sinks are hygienic and bacteria are prevented from filling in the sinks. Bathroom sinks such as these have an easy underneath installation. A narrow frame supports these sinks. Console sinks also have superior durability.

  • Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks can be round or rectangular. This rectangular vessel sink is designed to sit on the countertop, which gives it unique styling. These bathroom sinks give a lavish and contemporary look. Vessel sinks come in different materials, styles, and designs. Many homeowners chose these vessel sinks, which are constructed of copper, wood, or glass. A vessel sink is a bathroom sink that can be created in any design; however, this bathroom sink’s faucet should be installed separately. A vessel sinks sit on bathroom vanities and are only found in the bathroom due to its style and shape. The vessel sink material can be different such as marble, glass, copper. The changeability of the vessel sink is more accessible as it’s not stuck in the place. Moreover, these round Vessel sinks are mostly found in the decorative bathroom, such as the guest bathroom. Many new arrivals are available with ongoing sales that will help you redesign your bathroom within your budget with different available bathroom vanities.

  • Pedestal sink

The pedestal sink is only regarding the sink, such as basin and water. A pedestal sink is the best for half-bath sinks for your home. The emphasis is more on the core function and is simple. Pedestal sinks have lower prices in comparison to other vanities.  The pedestal bathroom sink is ideal for a smaller bathroom. These pedestal sinks are more comfortable to locate and move in the bathroom. Such bathroom Sinks work best in an area that has limited space. Both the wall and the pedestal support these bathroom sinks. Pedestal sinks, which are swiss madison, also give the bathroom a modern and unique look. Faucet is not included in these sinks. Pedestal sinks take up minimal area and are created to conceal drain and water supplies. A small or large bathroom is perfect as they go well with the bathroom vanities and sinks. Pedestal sinks have an integral overflow drain as well.

Which is better, porcelain or ceramic sink?

Most sizes, shapes, and types of bathroom sinks, its faucet, and products are available in various designs such as round and square. Bathroom sinks are made from ceramic materials such as vitreous china, porcelain, and fireclay. Porcelain bathroom fixtures are non-porous, which results in the material is waterproof. Porcelain is created with a hard glass-like material and is dense but resistant to chipping and cracking. On the other hand, Ceramic sinks have a solid surface resistant to chipping, impacts, and scratching, which makes them perfect for home and everyday use. Due to these features, ceramic is ideal for such items and is used repeatedly. It is mostly smooth, completely sealed, and challenging.

What causes bathroom sinks to crack:

Over a while, bathroom sinks may crack, which can become a hindrance to your home improvement. Various reasons could result in this, and understanding its cause will help you prevent permanent damage. Force is the most common cause of cracks in bathroom sinks. While moving furniture in and out of your bath, a massive tool could be dropped in your sink, which could result in large or small cracks. Another reason can be the sink material such as porcelain, which is very sensitive and can crack as soon as the temperature changes. If the sink is cold and hot water is drained on it, a slight crack will be formed, and if it’s repeated, then the crack will become more expansive.

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