Shower Buying Guide with ANZZI

Mar 16, 2021Mayah Mcgowan


Remodeling your bathroom can be hard work, confusing and above all - fun! You are not alone when starting to remodel and thinking to yourself "where do I start first?" There are a variety of options for your shower design, ANZZI made it possible to be the one stop store for fulfilling all of your shower needs. 

Leave your guests with something to remember, bringing the latest technology to give you the smoothest remodel transition. 


First things first - let's determine what kind of shower space you dream of. How big is your space? 


Pictured above, is the LONE series Frameless Sliding Shower Door in Brushed Nickel including handle. Depending on the style you want, you have a choice of choosing the functionality of a sliding frameless shower door. 

This door specifically includes the Deco-Glass for a crystal clear finish, paired with the Tsunami Guard to shield glass from clouding. This is a very minimalist design, with the functionality of the new world. 

There are two finishes for sliding doors, framed or frameless (above is frameless). 



For smaller spaces, check out our hinged shower door. 

This innovative design introduces Passion Series glass shower door. This includes all of the features ANZZI gives to keep products reliable. This design features a 90 degree wide opening that makes shower access effortless. This is a perfect upgrade, available framed and frameless, (frameless pictured above).



Perhaps you have multiple bathrooms to play around and design with, or maybe you just prefer tubs over shower? Freestanding tubs are not only a great focal point for relaxation but also provide a design your guests go home with and think to themselves "I need a bathtub again." 

Say hello to your new favorite bathtub and hobby after this purchase, the SOFI freestanding tub combines a traditional freestanding design with contemporary simple forms of shape. Enjoy the ultimate bath tub experience with this 18 luxurious zero profile air jets and 12 low profile water jets. This tub also includes aromatherapy fragrance infused massage bubbles of the scent of your choice. A maintenance heater that maintains warm and comfortable bathing temperature throughout your soak.

Bring the spa home to you with this Whirlpool tub. 



Why not have both?

We have the great ANZZI frameless tub door Galleon series in polished chrome and pair with the Acrylic Left Drain Rectangle Tub in white. This is a durable and efficient bath tub, easy to maintain, and an ultra white glossy finish.

This simplicity of a shower and tub door combo provides a versatile functionality. Aesthetically pleasing with an effortlessly wide opening function from your tub door that also provides a cutting-edge modern style. 



Shower fixtures are the key essentials to your experience in the shower, a shower fixture includes the shower head, shower panel or faucet. The design and functionality of your shower fixture is important to look at while buying. 

Standard procedure yes but shower fixtures all fall under full body shower panels, handheld shower heads, fixed shower heads and shower taps. All customizable to your design preference, which is where the variety comes in to fit into your personal bathroom design. 



 Pictured above is our most famous single handle head in polished chrome - Meno Series. A fixed shower head is a wall mounted shower head, this is the most common shower head available. This shower head is very straight to the point, giving the feeling of rain but providing solid pressure at the same time. 


 Our single-handle shower faucet Echo Series in polished chrome is a great example for a handheld shower head that provides functionality and character for your new shower. This is based on personal preference but most prefer because its such a versatile option to switch out from their basic shower routine. 

This specific shower head is sold in a package that includes a detachable hose and holder to mount the showerhead. You get to have a fixed shower head and are able to take it off the wall to rinse your body off. 

These shower heads provide as a plus for bathing your kids or for those who have a harder time in the shower over most. From reasons ranging from an having an injury or the elderly. 


Above, is the Echo stainless steel shower panel, a shower wall panel includes adjustable heads, pull out sprayers and jets to give an all over clean and full body jet message while showering. This panel includes 4-jetted full body shower panel, Heavy Rain showerhead, spray wand, and tub spout. This shower panel gives a one-of-a-kind shower experience that massages the body, the water also reaches up to 60 inches - so you can spray wherever you want it to go. 



Always think of your family's potential growth when finalizing your plans. Wheter that means new children, or children getting older, your parents age, te amount of guests you have and more! When choosing your fixtures and designs always remember to accommodate any changes that can happen and consider the years to come.

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