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Create the Bathroom Of Your Dreams Width A
Dramatic Matte Black Finish.


Designing a contemporary home in United States- be it your bathroom or kitchen, it is understandable that you wish for every inch of your site to look flawless and elegant. A unique bathroom must have everything- from fine bathroom sinks to having a modern bathtub with supreme bathing experience. Do not let the numerous design options slow your decision making, though. All you need is to have comprehension about bathtubs, your site and budget. Your home is sure to have the best products- be it kitchen related or bathroom products bathtubs, ceiling fans, or lighting ceiling.

What are the best bathtubs?

A bathtub is a means to destress yourself and relax as you wash yourself. Also, high price does not necessarily make a bathtub great. No, the most optimal bathtubs are the space-saving ones while satisfying the needs and styles of your interior decoration. The must-have tub should have all features like the classic American standard tub.

The soaking tub is very durable with right hand drain. The gloss white tub is made of enameled cast iron and has a soaking depth of 14 inches. Reasonable shipping charges also make these American Standard tubs so limited in stock You know a tub is valuable with it’s in low stock, after all.

What is the standard size bathtub?

Standard soaking depth depends on the shape or model of the tub. Usually though, the soaking depth is 14 to 20 inches. Bathtub sizes though, depend on various factors like the size of your bathroom, or what size of bath tubs you prefer. Standard categories for bathtub dimensions though, include 60 x 30 inches or 60 x 32 inches. Any tub with a diameter of at least x 60, you know it’s ADA compliant and has high potential of being bought.

For the ideal dimension, know your options beforehand. First are the Freestanding tubs. A freestanding bathtub is usually 60 x 30 or x 32 sized and is in stock in most stores. The freestanding bathtubs are heavier and have contemporary designs. A luxury freestanding tub however, needs a more bathroom space to be installed.

Next is the Alcove tub that is the most widely used type. Easy to install, maintain, and always in stock, this tub has a solid surface and is often wall mounted. Because of the integral apron, the tub’s installation type is relatively easier than others. Installing alcove bath in front of shower doors also helps design your bathroom to look more picturesque. Even the wide tub deck enables you to place soaps or maybe some candles to enjoy your bath time. The alcove bath tub is also available in right and left hand drain to suit your preferences. This bath, with the right amount of outdoor lighting, is sure to become the highlight of your home.

Bathtubs with material Acrylic are also one of the best tubs. The material acrylic helps give them a more refined appearance. Cost-effective, easy-to-maintain, easily in-stock, and lightweight, these integral apron tubs with material acrylic are one of the most recommended bathroom products. Putting some medicine cabinets further helps boost the charms of your space.

Should I get rid of my bathtub?

Bathtubs are essential bathroom products. Nothing beats a study porcelain enameled steel bath or even better, the air jets, whirlpool baths, or the nac nad tubs to help sooth your muscles as you soak in water for some quality relaxation.

Showers- like kitchen sinks- have a high stock so replacing bath tubs isn’t an issue if you maybe opt for a more country look. Just buy one from the stock and install it. But bathtubs are true treasures that have you willingly retreat to bathrooms for relaxing times.

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From luxury bathtub and bathroom tubs to bathroom sinks and even kitchen items like kitchen sinks, we offer high stock of American standard worthy products.

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