Kitchen sinks have a lot to handle, from food preparation and dish washing and are considered as one of the most-used item in any home. You want them to be pragmatic and easy to upkeep. At the same time, they need to be appealing and draw the attention of your visitors. Therefore, it is highly recommended to go for quality and value, if you want to purchase the perfect sink for your kitchen.

The premium range of kitchen sinks and accessories presented by the ANZZI to ease the process of cooking now includes the ANZZI Moore Series K-AZ3218-2B.

Here are the features that make this series distinct and special,

– It has a rectangular sink including two similarly sized side-by-side basins with a 50/50 split. The need for double sink solely depends on your personal preference and the way you are going to operate your kitchen. But the double sinks have many various advantages over single sinks. With one bowl dedicated to food preparation and cleaning, and the other one for washing dishes and rinsing purposes, it is perfect for multi-tasking.

– Stainless sinks are very convenient to use, but they can be extremely noisy. Most of the loudness is contributed by the drums of water hitting against walls and the bottom of the sinks. But the ANZZI Moore Series K-AZ3218-2B includes Echo-STOP sound absorbing technology that is good at absorbing sounds and can make the whole experience quieter and more comfortable.

– The triple coated underside of the Moore series avoids condensation.

– The dimensions of the kitchen sink are 32.25 in. L x 18.5 in. W x 9 in. H (Basin Depth: 9 in.) with a minimum cabinet space of 36 in. and a Standard 3.5 in. drain opening

– It is designed with a gentle bowling base that makes the water drainage more effective.

– It has high tolerance machine pressed precision and an elegant satin finish.

– It is a RHINO ALLOY and cUPC certified product.

Other than that, the package also consists of fitting strainer and drain assembly, insert strainer basket, mounting hardware.